Irregular Choice - Pokémon Pikachu Dreams

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Everyone needs to rest and recharge sometimes, and here Pikachu is, showing us how! These adorable flat slip on shoes feature a shimmering golden lightning bolt dotted with flashing LED lights to shimmer like electricity. A Poké Ball adorns the toe (which also lights up!), and on the side we find an adorable applique of Pikachu having a little lie down! Great for all flats lovers who want a bit of a spark in their outfit.
Motion sensitive non rechargeable lights run along each shoe, with another light in the centre of the Poké Ball. Press the switch located on the inside waist of the shoe once to turn on, and once to turn off, the lights will flash as you walk!

  • 1.7 CM Heel
  • Cushioned insole
    Fully lined


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